Tom Fraser

Makeup Artist


Wonderland, Gay Times, Hunger, Schön!, Glassbook, Huf, Toksick , Loverboy, Dreamingless, Valour, Self Control, Arsenic, This Bitch, Nordic Style, Sicky


Eivind Hansen, John Gribben, Rio Romaine, Josefin Malmen, Daria Belikova, Haris Nukem, Patricia Bonet, Michelle Marshall, Curtis Taylor, Pedro Antunes, Chris Parkes, Lee Faircloth, Yoshi Takakono, Simona Indigo, Jimmy You, Edd Leigh, Alex Vesci, Max Glatzhofer, Sebastian Petrovski, Hildur Agustsdottir

Artists Assisted

Jessica Mejia (Stella Creatives), Snowkei Lan

Celebrity Clients

Julia Immonen, Lindsey Stirling, Victoria Hamilton, Brendan Maclean, Max Emerson, David Ames, Sam and Mark (Cbeebies)


The Hatton, Google, Oliver Dans, Celine Marie, Bauer Media, Google- Creator Up


African Fashion Week 2016


About Tom Fraser

Tom is a freelance makeup artist, based in east London. He is most known for his ability to create natural, flawless and radiant skin, as well as for his mastery of colour.

Tom is extremely professional and hardworking, always striving for perfection, whilst still maintaining an effervescent, friendly attitude and vibrant persona on set. This unique balance has made Tom popular with clients, models and colleagues alike.

Tom is also particularly adept at translating the visions of clients, stylists and photographers and is committed to constantly learning and improving his craft.

If you would like any further information, please get in contact via Tom’s email: tomfraser@gmail.com